In Federal Court in Brooklyn, Roland Riopelle secured the acquittal of a day trader alleged to have committed securities fraud in what became known as the “squawk box” case.

6 Former Workers at a Day Trading Firm Are Acquitted
By Jenny Anderson
Published May 11, 2007
“‘There was no clear prohibitions on conduct here,’ said Roland G. Riopelle who represented Robert F. Malin, the president of A.B. Watley.”

Acquittals for
Squawk-Box Seven

By Robert E. Kessler
Published May 11, 2007
“Roland Riopelle, the attorney for defendant Robert Malin, 42, of Manhattan, the former head of the firm, said … ‘[t]he government was courageous in bringing the case, the defendants were courageous [in fighting] the case, and the jury was courageous in acquitting them.’”

By Chad Bray
Published May 11, 2007
“Roland Riopelle, a lawyer for Mr. Malin, said the case was a tough one for the government to bring, saying it was the first trial involving charges under the fraud statutes enacted as a result of the Sarbanes-Oaxley legislation.  ‘The jury did the right thing,’ Mr. Riopelle said.”