1982 Brink’s Robbery and Murders

In the early 1980’s, Maurice Sercarz’s defense of Eve Rosahn resulted in the dismissal of all criminal charges against her. Miss Rosahn, an alleged member of the radical Weather Underground, was accused of providing the getaway vehicles used in the notorious armed robbery of a Brink’s armored truck which ended with the slaying of three men, including two Nyack police officers, and a loss of $1.6 million.

Charges Against Defendant in Brink’s Holdup Dropped
By Edward Hudson
Published January 29, 1982

“[The District Attorney] said outside the courtroom that the information helpful to Miss Rosahn’s case provided by her defense lawyer was gained in ‘dozens and dozens of hours of interviews of witnesses’ whom the defense supplied. All of this, he said, ‘convinced me she did not rent the van.

“Judge Miller ordered the indictment dismissed after a brief hearing attended by Miss Rosahn’s Attorney, Maurice Sercarz.”

More Brink’s Charges Dropped
By R. Clinton Taplin
Published January 29, 1982

“’The circumstantial evidence, the eyewitness, and the handwriting show that Ms. Rosahn was not at the car rental that morning,’ said Ms. Rosahn’s attorney, Maurice Sercarz. ‘I think justice was done.’”